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Add text



Add text dialog

Use the mouse to outline the area on the image
where you want the text to appear. Click the Edit
menu and select Add Text. A dialog box will open.
In the Text box on the left, type in the text you
want to appear on the image.
Use the choose font button to change the size,
style, color, and other attributes of the text.
The name of the selected font appears in the
small box on the left, under the Text box.
If you uncheck the Text is transparent box, you
can choose a background color, and the highlighted
area will change to that color, with the text
inside the area. The small box above the button
shows the selected background color.
Click the OK button to add the text to your image.
To close the dialog without adding any text, click
the Cancel button. Another way to close is to click
the X in the upper right corner.
Add text may be reversed with the Edit menu's
Undo command.



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.