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Command Line Options


Command line options allow you to set up some of the
functions of IrfanView before the viewer is launched.
This is especially useful when using IrfanView inside
other programs (such as Netscape Composer) which allow
the use of an external viewer.
You can also launch IrfanView from the Windows Start
menu, using the Run option. Remember to type in the
full path where the viewer can be found, as well as
the path to the file you will be using.
These command line options are supported in IrfanView:
/one               - force "only one instance"
/fs                - force Full Screen
/bf                - force Best Fit to desktop
/title=text        - set window title to 'text'
/pos=(x,y)         - move the window to x,y
/c=filename        - convert input file to 'filename'
/slideshow=txtfile - play slideshow with the files
                     from 'txtfile'
Only lower case options are supported (don't type any
UPPERCASE letters.)
  i_view32 test.bmp /BF                 = incorrect
  i_view32 test.bmp /bf /title=My PIC   = correct
Example for conversion:
  i_view32 c:\test.bmp /c=c:\giftest.gif
 Convert file: 'c:\test.bmp' to 'c:\giftest.gif'
    without GUI :-)
     (Note: supported are all IrfanView Read/Save
      formats except: AVI, MOV, MPG, WAV, MID.)
Example for slideshow:
  i_view32.exe /slideshow=c:\mypics.txt
  The file 'c:\mypics.txt' contains, in each line,
  a name of the image, including the full path.



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.