IrfanView IrfanView Inst Title


Getting Started


Open IrfanView by clicking its icon on the Start Menu
or double clicking the icon on your desktop.
Click on the File menu, and click the Open option to
get a file for use in the viewer. A dialog box will
open, allowing you to select the file you want. If
you click the Preview active box in the Open dialog,
you can see small versions of images before opening
them; a big help in finding the file you want.
With an image in the viewer, you can manipulate it
in a large number of ways. The main functions for
changing an image are found in the Edit and Image
When you are finished playing with the image, you
can Save a copy back to your disk. Then you can
bring in another image, or Exit IrfanView.



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.