Hints and Tips


· When you have an image open in the main window, double
  clicking it will open it in full screen mode. Use the
  space bar and backspace to move through other images in
  the directory. ESC will return you to the main window.
· You can scroll through a large image faster by holding
  down the right mouse button and moving the mouse. You
  will see a hand image replace the normal cursor. Move
  the hand up or down, or side to side to move the image.
  Also, the Page Down and Page Up keys will scroll through
  an image that is larger than the screen.
· When scanning a black and white image, you'll get better
  results by scanning it as color, at a good resolution,
  then using IrfanView to convert to grayscale.
· Enlarging an image: for best results, use Resample, then
  Sharpen. For an image of decent resolution, this will make
  an enlarged version with no loss of quality. If the large
  version is not good enough, Reopen the image (without
  saving anything.) A fresh copy will be loaded. Try the
  resampling again, but use a different filter.
· Javascript buttons: make an image into a button, using the
  3D Button option. (Image menu, select Effects, then select
  3D Button.) If your image is a simple line drawing, or just
  a colored rectangle you made into a button, use Negative to
  create a reversed-color image. Save this to your disk. Now
  you can use JavaScript to turn the button on and off when
  a mouse rolls over it.
· Be careful with "multiple instances" of IrfanView. It is
  possible to highlight a long list of associated filenames
  in a directory, then accidentally double-click them.
  In this case, IrfanView will try to load itself as
  many times as there are images!



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.