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Open dialog

Click on the File menu, select Open (or use the Open
tool on the toolbar.) A dialog appears to allow you
to open a file for use in IrfanView.
Use the Look in box to locate the file you want to
open. You can type a file name directly into the File
Name box. The Files of type box lets you filter your
choice, showing only the type of file you want to find
(jpg, for instance.) The default is IrfanView - Files,
all files supported.
If you check the Preview active box, a single click on
an image filename will display a small version of it
in the window. Once a filename is selected, click open
to bring the file into the viewer. You can also double
click the filename.
If multiple images are in the file, as with icons, a
small dialog box will allow you to choose one. Single
click the names for a preview. Click accept when you
find the one you want. (You can practice this on the
IrfanView executable, which contains several icons.)
To close the dialog without opening a file, click the
Cancel button. Another way to close is to click the X
in the upper right corner.
For a helpful reminder of many of the functions in
the Open dialog, click the ? in the upper right
corner of the box, point the mouse at an item in
the box, and click again. A message will appear to
tell you what that item is for.



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.