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Practice Images


All of the following images were downloaded from various
websites on the internet. They were all made available
for free, non-commercial use. In addition to these, the
"roadkill" IrfanView logo, and the title above are both
gifs that can be used for practice.
Click on the small image below to see a larger version
you can copy for use with IrfanView. To copy the image,
right click on it with the mouse and click on your
browser's Save option. For Netscape, this is "Save
Image As", and for Internet Explorer, "Save picture
as." Save the image to your hard drive so you can
open it with IrfanView for editing practice.

  About 18kb.  (268x209)
  16.7 million colors

city1.jpg   small version
  About 20kb.    (320x495)
  16.7 million colors

city1lg.jpg   large version
  About 60kb.  (640x991)
  16.7 million colors

city2.jpg   small version
  About 18kb.  (320x191)
  16.7 million colors

city2lg.jpg   large version
  About 48kb.  (800x478)
  16.7 million colors

  About 84kb.  (704x528)
  16.7 million colors

  About 13kb.  (407x168)
  16 colors

Here's an animated gif to try.
  About 56kb.   (96x96)
  256 colors  (10 frames)




Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.