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Save / Save As



Save As dialog

Save  (Ctrl + S)
Click on the File menu, select Save.
  Save As...  (S)
    Click on the File menu, select Save As (or
    use the Save As tool on the toolbar.)
A dialog appears to allow you to save your file to
disk. Use Save in and File name to find the directory
in which you want the file to be placed.
To save the file as a different type, use Save as type.
Click the arrow and a list of file types drops down.
Move the cursor to the one you want and click again.
When you save, the file will be converted to this new
type. IrfanView will allow you to change many types of
supported formats to many other types.
To the right of Save as type is a button marked Options.
Clicking this brings up another dialog box with special
options for certain file types. These options are fully
explained here.
When ready, click the Save button, and the file will be
sent to your disk drive. To exit without saving, click
the Cancel button. Another way to close is to click the
X in the upper right corner.
For a helpful reminder of many of the functions in
the Save and Save As dialogs, click the ? in the
upper right corner of the box, point the mouse at
an item in the box, and click again. A message will
appear to tell you what that item is for.
Note that when the dialog appears, Save comes up in the
last directory from which you loaded an image, such as
the current one. If you just click the Save button, the
image is resaved, overwriting the old version on the
disk. On the other hand, Save As comes up in the last
directory in which you saved a file. In either case,
you can use the Save in box to find the directory
you want to use.



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