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Special Effects


Use these options on the Image menu to create Special
Effects for the image:
  · 3D Button
  · Blur
  · Emboss
  · Oil Paint
  · Edge Detection
  · Median Filter
  · Explosion
  · Pixelize
  · Fine Rotation
Also available is the whole range of filters for the
Filter Factory. A large number of such filters can be
downloaded from internet websites.
  · Filter Factory
In addition, these options can be used to produce
interesting effects. Some experimentation may be
  · Convert to Greyscale
  · Negative
  · Brightness
  · Contrast
  · Color Balance
  · Gamma Correction
  · Sharpen
  · Swap Colors
  · Edit Palette
Other options that can alter images include:
  · Orientation
  · Sizing
  · Color Depth
  · Adding Text
Any of the above may be used in various combinations
to make an even larger variety of effects.



Copyright 1999 by S.E. Clark.  All rights reserved.