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IrfanView thumbnails window

Open an image in the viewer from a directory of your
choice. Click the File menu and select Thumbnails,
or press the letter T on your keyboard. A dialog
box (see above) will open, and will fill with
thumbnails representing the images in the directory.
Please note:  these thumbnails are for quick
access to the images in your directory. If
you want to make them into thumbnails, use
the Batch Conversion option on the Save menu.
Use the advanced options to set the size of
the images to 80 x 80, or whatever size you
would like the thumbnails. Be sure and set
the output directory to be different from
where the originals are stored.
Double click any thumbnail to open that image in the
viewer. If you change directories by opening another
image file, the thumbnail dialog will change to
display those images.
For large images, you can minimize the thumbnail
dialog. In the upper right corner of the dialog are
three buttons; the third from right, looking much
like an underline (_) character, is the minimize
button. Click this to shrink the dialog to a small
button at the lower left of the IrfanView window.
Click the button to restore the dialog to its full
size. You can also maximize the dialog to fill the
entire screen. Click the middle button of the three
in the upper right corner (the box shape.) Click the
button again to restore the dialog to normal.
To close the dialog, click the exit option on the
dialog's menu bar. You can also click the X button
in the upper right corner of the dialog. If the
title bar of the dialog is blue, you can also press
the ESC key on your keyboard. (If the bar is grey,
and the bar of the main viewer window is blue, ESC
will close the viewer, itself.)
The options choice on the dialog's menu bar allows
you to control the size and quality of the image
thumbnails. Click the menu to open the dialog shown
below. The first option is Use Resample instead of
Resize for creating thumbnails. Click the check-box
to have better quality thumbnails displayed. This
option may take longer for the images to appear.
Thumbnail size: click one of the option buttons to
set a size for the thumbnails. The default size is
80 pixels by 80 pixels.
When done making your choices, click the OK button
to exit the dialog. You can also exit by clicking
the X button in the upper right corner of the dialog.
If the titlebar of the dialog is blue (not grey,)
another way to exit is to press the ESC key. Press
the Cancel button to exit without making any changes.

IrfanView thumbnail options




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